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PART II : VISUAL DIALOGS & MUSIC (2 Chronicles together here >>)

Just after 7 pm, the performances of several artists started: The first block of performances, avant-garde, was in charge of Keren Shalev and Rallito X, a couple of artists that came from Berlin to act in the ART SHIFTING DAY. To this performance joined and interacted, Marco Domenichetti , with his synthesized music, and Enric López with the sounds of his hang-drum building bridges of dialogue between Keren and RallitoX.

The DIALOGS between 4 artists were adding each other. Man-Woman dialogue, abstract painting on the wall. Marco Domenichetti and Enric Lopez intervening, adding their voices through a synthesized music or a very ancient percussion sound played with the hands. Their music was leading the dialogue between Keren and RallitoX ‘s performance: Woman and Man, Black and White communication,  Marco and Enric accompanied them with their sounds. All 4 were listening, speaking; four-party dialogue! Images and music were filling the space as if it were a “gave birth”. Keren and RallitoX were painting / talking on a wall (imaginary?), Their hands were brushes, strokes their words. On the other side of the cloister, Marco and Enric. Marco with his Mac as a tool to communicate, projecting on the screen lights and lines. Enric with his “hang” filled the space with timeless sound. They both were creating a light and sound performance.

Music, hurtful at times, in highest moments of creativity, emphasizing the process of Creation. Creativity,  if it is, has no age or sex : gets out of belly and explodes! Ramon Millà, producer of TV3 (MèdiaQuiosc, Arts Santa Mònica) entered into dialogue with his camera, talking to Keren and RallitoX, adding himself to the strength of the creative process. Marco Domenichetti did mix with his music, he was not a DJ, he had no disc players or instruments; he only had his music and technology to interact. Enric Lopez added notes of balance with metallic , harmonic and melodic hang sounds. 3 Dialogues in perfect balance, man-woman, man-music, man-camera, … technology, music and art, talked to build.
The ART SHIFTING DAY clousure was the performance of Dani Rifà a taste of his popular songs, and as he said: Tremendamente solo, ¿Y qué? (Tremendously alone, so what?) A revitalizing performance of traditional Catalan music (rumba, habanera and more): guitar, voice, and his laptop: Three in 1! An explosion of joy and live music to draw all of us a broad smile, a laugh and desire to dance!
He talked directly with his “sung words” to the audience empathizing and spreading his joy, involving the public to participate, mixing seriousness, irony and jokes, Catalan and Spanish and personal marketing  “raw” face-to-face: Dani! Nobody would dare to say that he was acting alone, he wasn’t, we were all together, forming the perfect balance of what it’s to me Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, people dialogues interwoven between respecting tradition and loving rabidly technology!
Speaking of Collaboration: If all the dialogues were so well done, artistic and technologically speaking, was thanks to a great crew, people, that were working full-time on 4 and 5 November at the Arts Santa Mònica for Art Shifting Day:
Marco Domenichetti (interactive lights, music, video projections). Made light sensitivity. Balance-light interaction with an awesome ability to work !
Pedro de Cost. The crack of the wires in the #artshiftingday #artssantamonica. Pedro has a gift: makes art with light. A virtuous conductor of light! strives for perfection! Bravo!
Ramón Millà. Camera and producer (#TV3 crop). This man is a great visual performer with his camera! Visual Dialogues camera man-camera.
Jordi Borrut. Sound engineer and father of my children’s school.
Ferran Esteve. Taking control of our website and the streaming broadcasting of all Event.
Ernest Companys. Controlling all were technically ready for videoconferencing and streaming.  CEO of  TECHNO TRENDS
Enric Lopez: Artistic director of #artshiftingday. A Renaissance man!
Lluís Ayguadé. Image of #artshiftingday  The magician that conceptualized me in an imageemoji
Xavier Garcia. Emotional support throughout the project, my husband and father of my two children. Comment of xaviergarciabcn in Instagram : It is the result of the pleasure of sharing good times with good people @layguade :) emoji
Arts Santa Mònica: Xavier Roca, Marta Garcia Sastre, Alicia González, Neus Purtí, Manel Guerrero, Conxita Oliver, Bibiana Ballbé.
*** Dear Rick Holland, it has been a pleasure to talk with you throughout the process of building the Art Shifting Day, dialogues held by email. We met our voices through your poem, while you were helping me to translate your Poem “Husk, armour, sensor left” and poetry from English to Catalan. I look forward to working with you in this shared desire to imagine new futures. xx
*** Coming soon: PART III : video-streaming of the ART SHIFTING DAY. #documentary film ;D EQUIP TECNIC_2

colour photos: © XAVIER GARCIA

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