Transfer Project #respectandlove 23/01/2012

On Monday, January 23 Chinese New Year began. What a better date than this to hold a meeting-Food to transfer the RESPECT & LOVE Project (Screenplay, Background, History, Memory Project Description, Format of the Day, BIO artists, etc) to Lluis Ayguadé Sandros (Dr. of Image of the Event. Co-director of Visual-Stars Organizing Team and responsible for creating the image of the project) in presence of Enric Lopez (Dr. Art and Entertainment Production. Co-Director of Visual-Stars Organizing Team ) and Gemma Cernuda Canelles (Dr of Communication Strategy and member of Visual-Stars Organizing Team).

Giving birth to this “manuscript” has been a long process, finding moments to devote to writing 100% difficult reconciliation time between work and children, but the strength that came from inside me was impossible to contain. Here is the “creature”! ;)

In our Meeting-Food there was a 5th person, Mònica Urrútia (Head of Photography of Visual-Stars Organizing Team) who never ceases to amaze me with her look: It is sincere, passionate, conceptual and documentary. She “appeared” at dessert-time to immortalize the delivery of -Transfer Project through her iPhone 4.

After almost 3 years working on an idea full of Values​​, it has finally turned into a great Project RESPECT & LOVE with many people supporting it that are making it possible;  not only the VISUAL-STARS Organizing Team (Núria Antolí, LLuís Ayguadé, Enric Lopez, Gemma Cernuda, Monica Urrutia, Sandra Costa (Dr. de Diffusion PR / Premsa), but also all the Multidisciplinary artists performing on the Multiperformance and patiently supported us during this long journey. Some are from the beginning, others have been joining the team in the process of maturation and development of the Project.

I know that everyone is excited to participate in the Project, and this is the largest and most powerful support that I/we can have:
We’re all going to one (Fuenteovejuna!) Organizers, Communicators, Newspapers, Strategist, Artists!
We need to find the same motivation in new and feminine brands. They also must be present because they represent the Real Change in Communication, Values, and finally how can this “Shifting” help to change the Economy.

We need support from Institutions to give the importance of the Project and to create a strog “TEAM”.
RESPECT & LOVE will be a Day Festival #Cultural, #Revisionist #Provoker  that will end in a Big Show that talks about #Creativity #Communication and #Collaboration born in #Barcelona.
Organizers and artists hold now unstoppable force and enthusiasm. The wheel has already begun to spin, the inertia is picking up speed and there are more people involved. Why?
Because we believe in the project because it is a very mature project with a lot of effort behind it, because the time has come to talk about all its values ​​and see how it is received, because it’s time for it to see the Light 光.
“We are builders of reality”
“Breaking the Paradigm! We as individuals are the ones who construct meanings of reality “
“What we do and built is ultimately what we’re thinking”

Nuria Antolí

(Creator and Director of the RESPECT&LOVE Project. Co-director of Visual Stars Organizing Team)

*** Here is a photographic summary Mònica Urrútia made ​​the Transfer Project day 01/23/2011, in Gresca restaurant. Respect her © copyrigth, thank you.

Catalan version  // Spanish version


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